We Are Now Offering Snake Massages

Hello friends and family. It's the first day of April and we are ELATED to announce that we are now offering SNAKE MASSAGES at Massage Greenpoint and Massage Williamsburg locations. We've been working on this concept for over 6 months (making sure all of our therapists are thoroughly trained, receiving the legal permits  and getting the proper snakes for the job!)


We know that this may seem a bit scary but the technique has been a therapeutic treatment for years that originated in the Philippines. It's proven to be an outstanding remedy for tension and stress. Together, the big and small reptiles achieve a gradation in massage pressure in the same manner that a regular massage practitioner will apply pressure at different intensities in one regular massage session. If you know anything about our founder, Rachel, then you know she loves taking risks, so we're excited to see how receptive our clients are to this new and exciting service.


Massage Details

60 minute session: $150

90 minute session: $200

(Liability wavier must be signed before session)


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How does the session work? Depending on your needs, the therapist will curate a specialized session in which he/she will determine which snakes to use. 
  2. Do the snakes bite? No the snack's mouth have been properly taped 
  3. How big are the snakes? We have small, medium and large
  4. Are the snakes sanitary? The snacks are all thoroughly washed before each session and coated with an anti-fungal ointment.
  5. What kind of snakes? python
  6. What if we get scared? All of our therapist are trained to positively assist you in this experience. However, if you absolutely don't want the massage once you've started - we can switch your session to a regular session.

Feel free to call us if you have any further questions as our receptions have become very knowledgeable in this awesome new service that we're offering. 




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