Meet Our LMT: Cheradyn

Our LMTs are awesome. We know it, our clients know it. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard the words “that was the best massage of my life,” or “my body has never felt this good before,” or “I didn’t think my neck, back, whatever could move like this again” echoing throughout the studio. And then there are the radio silence ones, like me. My words fail me -- too blissed out. I actually have to decompress in the waiting area for a significant amount of time because a post-massage crosswalk could be fatal. The therapists at Massage Greenpoint are highly skilled, intuitive, and responsive. It’s no coincidence. Rachel, owner of Massage Greenpoint, hand selects these therapists from hundreds of applicants, because they are the best. But what often goes unseen are their other talents, aspirations, and activities because at work they’re 100% here for their clients -- to give the most kick-a$$ massages imaginable, to apply all their energy and knowledge, to take care of people. I’m lucky enough to work alongside these masters of massage and get a glimpse at their “other lives.” It’s astounding and inspiring that someone so skilled in one art, could hone such proficiency elsewhere, and in just one lifetime! Here’s a glimpse for you too:

Profile Pic - CHERADYN.jpg

Cheradyn has always been that way, even before her own journey as a mother began. She was born in the Philippines and at age 2 she and her family moved to the United States, to Queens, NY. Since she was little, she was always giving people massages. She said she always knew where to go, what was needed, and how to fix it, an innate aplomb of the paws. Her gentle touch and powerful intuition was in high demand, even as a toddler. She also apparently had a particular knack for cutting baby bangs into her cousins’ hair, well before baby bangs were back in style.

Thankfully, for us, she decided to pursue the former of her two endowments and began practicing massage in 2014: a robust year that also coincided with the birth of her son (that beautiful little boy pictured above). Cheradyn is an amazing massage therapist, but dare I say an even more amazing mom? She also happens to be a pretty pro bowler, like a "has-her-own-bowling-ball" kind of bowler. For years she has been singing, has an amazing voice and is a Karaoke enthusiast. And, in the spirit of Halloween, she’s a painter.. of pumpkins:

Leo Pumpkins.JPG

Meet Cheradyn: an outstanding massage therapist and much, much more

Cheradyn is our most senior massage therapist. She has been with us since there was an us! You’ll know her for her deeply relaxing and soothing work. She has a motherly touch that makes you feel comfortable and safe. Maybe that’s because she is a mother, of the cute little guy pictured below. 

I go to Cheradyn when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the energy of the city, off center, and honestly when I need a good emotional release. As soon as she places her hands on you, you feel safe, cared for, and open to her amazing therapeutic work. It’s kind of like when you fall as a little kid, you’re totally fine, and then you look at your mom and all of a sudden you start bawling. She creates a space for you to feel and release. She’s one of the most nurturing people I’ve ever met.


Bowling league, painting, singing, massage, and 24/7 motherhood seems like an overflowing plate, but she handles all her many endeavors with grace and gratitude. She is someone who takes on the challenges of life with ease, and still has so much to give afterwards. I feel like her and Beyoncé have a lot in common...

At the end of our interview, I asked Cheradyn what she considered to be her greatest accomplishment, and then quickly laughed and said “I know, I can answer that for you.” Her son, of course. I’ve met him, and I must agree! 

Cheradyn is certified in prenatal/postpartum massage and her primary modalities include Swedish technique, medical massage, shiatsu, and deep-tissue work. Cheradyn recognizes massage therapy as a path to healing and strengthening your mind, body, and soul. She believes that skilled touch can make a difference in the lives of those living with pain and who need to relax. She is a dedicated and motivated practitioner who uses her training and experience in eastern and western bodywork to provide effective, excellent massage therapy services. She embraces a holistic wellness methodology and continues to hone her skills and abilities within the wellness industry. 

Rachel Beider