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“Excellent: Relaxing, helpful, AND informative. I’ve gone for the occasional professional massage (not often enough, really), but this was, by far, the best. My therapist was extremely warm, yet professional. She seriously worked through the knots in my back, and I really feel she was paying attention to all of the spaces where I hurt the most (without my even needing to tell her). One of the most unusual parts was that at the end she made suggestions for what I could do on my own. She gave me great exercises and stretches to try. I really got the impression she cared about my whole health and the holistic experience. I will be going back!”
“After asking about any health issues I might have Robert got started and delivered one of the best massages I’ve had. I had a moderate kink in my neck and he worked it almost completely out. The massage alleviated my neck cramp almost completely, was relaxing and just felt like it was being done with complete professional competence. I would recommend Massage Williamsburg and Robert with confidence to any one who needs a little body work done or simply wants to relax.”
“As a professional cook - on my feet all day, holding down a demanding/erratic schedule - I prioritize staying fit and exercising on a regular basis so that I can handle the grueling hours behind a stove. Since moving to New York, I refuse to go anywhere but Massage Williamsburg for the best treatment I’ve ever had. On the recommendation of a friend, I called Massage Williamsburg and spoke with the owner - she works the phone on regular occasion - to schedule an appointment. I lucked out and got a spot on her shift. Unlike the other introductory sessions I’d had in recent past, I was never instructed instructed to “relax.” Simply put, Rachel read my body like an open book and changed the way I approach massage. Moreover, each of the therapists that I’ve seen since the first session have proven their worth to the studio in satisfying my expectation of superior quality. I’m fortunate to have found a studio in the neighborhood that provided the perfect experience for someone relatively new to massage and continues to deliver the unwavering excellence in performance that I seek as a regular client. Treat yourself, and consider yourself lucky”
“I am so happy to find such a great spot for massages in Williamsburg! After two amazing 90-minute sessions with Amanda, I am now a devoted follower and bought a 10-session package. I’ve had many massages from many different therapists, but Amanda is the best therapist I’ve ever experienced! Her strong hands not only execute flawless technique, but also a singular focus of energy and intuition directed at all the right places with the right amount of pressure. I’m sure the other therapists are just as good, but since I clicked right away with Amanda, I’ll stick with her! ”
"Had an amazing 1hr session with Nichole. As this was my first professional massage, it truly turned me into a believer! Outside the normal work grind, I climb regularly so I tend to be sore in the upper back and shoulder areas. More recently in the lower back as well. Nichole took note and went to work. I came out a changed man, completely relaxed and tension free. Looking forward to my next session with Nicole who did an amazing job! The space is clean, quiet and super relaxing. You will be in the care of professionals! Do yourself a favor and give them a call!"
Love it here! Had a great first session with Nichole, she made me completely feel at ease and comfortable. We talked about some trouble spots and I came out feeling completely renewed. Ive been back since, and cant wait for my next appt.! Its really convenient to make an appt too, you can do it online and they get right back to you, all appts are confirmed via email, which I like too. I just sent a friend and would really recommend it to anyone.
"I received a massage from here as a gift and really enjoyed it. I got lucky was scheduled with Emily. She was warm, professional and instantly made me feel comfortable. Emily took the time to do a pre-massage consultation and feel I got a more customized massage because of it. I will defiantly go back and would recommend it to anyone of my friends."
"I just came back from an amazing massage. I had Ted, and he really concentrated on problem areas and I feel awesome now. I have a had a lot of massages in the past, but this was probably one of the best!"
“I’ve seen several therapists here over the years, and every time it’s been a great experience. I tend to have chronic headaches and upper back pain and both have improved significantly since I’ve been going here regularly. Quiet, clean, easy to make appointments, generally wonderful. I’ve moved out of Williamsburg, but I’ll go here for massages as long as I’m in NYC.”
"I've been to Massage Williamsburg 4 times, and I'm always impressed with how much better I feel when I leave. Working at a computer all day makes my upper back and neck extremely tight. I've also learned some new stretches and exercises to help avoid this tightness in the future. A great massage experience."
"Extraordinary massage - the perfect one hour getaway. I've been going to Massage Williamsburg for many months now and they are always consistent and thorough and extremely knowledgeable. They always take the time to know what to focus on at the beginning and offer insight and useful tips on posture and how to relax muscles at the office. Moreover, the decor is beautiful, professional and calming, and the lavender oil is my favorite. I love it so much that I've recommended it to my friends and given gift certificates for friends' birthdays."
"I am a personal chef and am on my feet all day. That, coupled with being 5'0 and carrying ridiculously heavy bags of groceries constantly, kills my body. I had a massage with Ted (I think) and it was AWWWesoooome (singing). I'm not sure if he was doing some pressure point thing, but whatever it was completely relaxed all my muscles and took my tension and aches away. Felt incredible! When I left, all was right with the world again."
"I nearly didn't write a review, because I want to keep this place to myself. I called up this spot last month when I woke up having some serious lower back pain. To be honest, I am not really a "massage guy" and I was looking for a place that would actually help and not just rub lotion on me. After reading some reviews on Yelp, thought I would give them a try. This place is the real deal! In the last month I have come here once a week, and seen 3 different people, all super nice and very attentive. It is not a fancy place - no waterfalls, etc, but it is clean and welcoming. They always let me know which masseuse I am going to see, and scheduling an appointment with their receptionist was a breeze."
"Massage Williamsburg has the best massage therapist of all time, Amey. I've referred many people to Amey with only rave reviews. She is excellent at assessing your body and figuring out what you need. She's also very willing to give you a few tips or exercises to help address areas where you hold tension (if you ask, she's very non-obtrusive). She's willing to explain what she's doing if you ask or just leave you to relax. She's constantly learning new techniques and seeks information from a variety of sources. I respect her constant curiosity and determination to make herself constantly better at her job. I can't speak highly enough about Amey, she is the absolute best."
"Best massage ever! Amey was outstanding. I had about 6 months of work stress tightening my spine and began feeling more relaxed from the moment I walked in. The environment at Massage Williamburg is very chill yet professional. Amey is simply a master of technique. She used just the right amount pressure and was very attentive. I left there completely blissed out, with much happier vertebrae. Highly recommended!"
"The girls may look small (I met the owner - she is tiny) but boy are they strong! They all worked on areas that were bothering me specifically, and I like that you can skip over some spots, like legs, in favor of doing my neck and back, which needs extra work. I sit at a desk all day, and my body is a wreck from the 9-5 lifestyle. The massages here are the absolute best I have ever had! I will be back again!"
"LOVE this place. Have been going on a regular basis. Robert is a magician. It's changed my body going to see him. Beautiful little space, really reasonable prices. Highly recommend!"
"I am more than excited that Tracy is capable of always fixing my body. I was loyal to my old massage therapist for years but when he wasn't available I met Tracy. It's amazing how strong she is and in tune she gets with my body. She listens carefully and is very respectful of my body and what it can and can't do. I am a retired Gotham Girl and did a tons of damage to my body during years of roller derby and have never had better hands on me!"
"After a visit to Massage Williamsburg I am a new man! Thanks to Tracy and her magic hands... I am a new dad and don't usually take time out for myself but this was a needed break. Tracy took time to listen to which areas needed addressing and had a way of loosening up the tight spots and melting the stress right out of me. You can be sure I will be back!!"
"Bob is an amazingly skilled therapist. I came in with this weird pain in my leg that I had for months and he worked on me over the course of a couple sessions and totally healed my leg. This is not a spa treatment but rather a very healing experience. Plus he gave me tips on stretches to do and he has a stellar personality. Highly recommend him."
"I went in for a painful pinched nerve in my neck. Bob gently worked on it and next day the pain was completely gone. Bob is a miracle worker."
"After moving to New York, I knew my body needed a good massage from all that improper lifting of boxes. I never had a professional massage, so I didn't know what to expect. Katherine and I discussed the tension spots and past injuries. So comfortable. I felt like I was walking on a cloud afterwards. I will go back soon!"
"Hooked! I had a great massage. Going here is becoming part of my routine and it's well worth it!"
"Love this place! Always professional, welcoming, and amazing."
"I have been coming here regularly for the last couple of years, and I am so impressed with my massages, every time! I have visited several massage therapists and have had a consistently awesome experience, which hasn't been the case at other local spots. On my last visit, I showed up slightly hungover, with a major headache, and my back was killing me after a night out in heels. They took the best care of me, and my masseuse spent extra time kneading deeply into my knots and tight muscles. I left feeling sooo good, and light, and free! My headache disappeared and I could move on and enjoy my day. Massage as a hangover cure? Absolutely. I already scheduled my next session."
"This was one of the best and most relaxing massages I've ever had. She knew exactly what she was doing and even gave me stretches to help relieve neck and back pain. I will definitely be back soon and I recommend Rachel to anyone and everyone."
“LOVE this place. Have been going on a regular basis. Beautiful little space, really reasonable prices. Highly recommend!”
"Very professional!!! Massage therapist was very nice, and warm. Made sure I was comfortable. The massage was amazing...I definitely dozed off. Will definitely go there again.."
"I'm a bike courier, and ride everyday with a bag on my back. A massage was long over due, and I decided to go to Massage Williamsburg. Came out feeling like a new person, and will definitely be going back. Thanks!"
"I've had massages at the W Hotel on the West Coast, at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas, and have had a few massages at Equinox. Massage Williamsburg by far exceeds them."
"Extremely professional, courteous personnel, and the best therapeutic massage I've had in NYC. These guys know their stuff! Describe your injuries in detail and they will figure out a way to fix you. Deep tissue is the best for me, works out all the knots in your body without any uncomfortable pain."
"My first Massage! I have never received a professional massage as I could never justify it as part of my budget. However, after receiving a gift certificate to Massage Williamsburg for a 60 minute massage I am hooked! The atmosphere was very clean, relaxing, and professional. I walked out of that office with a feeling of relief that you simply cannot put a price on! Thanks Rachel and thanks Massage Williamsburg!"
"I have been a patron of Massage Williamsburg for about 3 years. Perfect pressure, technique, and demeanor. The next day I feel refreshed, not in pain. The entire staff is friendly, and the space itself is charming and clean. Highly recommended!!"
"I went there with back and neck pain. My boyfriend googled the place and made an appointment. What can I say!! it is a life changing experience. One morning I woke up with such a back pain that I ended up going to Beth Israel emergency center. The doctor gave me a pain killer and referred me to do some check up, MRI, test and about $3k bill. In my mind screw that... went to this place. My massage therapist's name is Robert. I exactly told him what was my problem and what needs to be done. He worked on every single nerve and muscle to remove the pain over the time. I am living pain-free now. The front desk lady, Ellen, is very sweetRobert is very smart and he knows what he is doing. I work out a lot to stay fit which requires massage my muscle to heal. So far it is working out Great for me. I can see myself going there for a long time."

"Great place. Been there a few times. Always great, punctual service."

"I'm a bike courier, and ride everyday with a bag on my back. A massage was long over due, and I decided to go to Massage Williamsburg. Came out feeling like a new person, and will definitely be going back. Thanks!"