LMT William Shares 2 Simple Techniques for Superb Sitting Posture

As busy New Yorkers, we spend a lot of time on the go—but also a significant amount of time sitting down. Even with healthy, active lifestyles, many of us still find ourselves sitting while we work, commute, eat, read, or just need a moment to relax.

In fact, most Americans sit anywhere between 8 to 13 hours per day!


But don’t worry. We’re not here to scold you. While standing is healthy to incorporate in your daily routine, sometimes sitting is necessary or simply more practical. If training yourself to sit properly for hours at a time sounds daunting, don’t worry. Massage Greenpoint LMT William explains that it can be accomplished with two simple techniques.

Will says, “Contrary to what most people think, you don’t have to be completely mindful to sit in an upright position, and it’s not necessary to overly exert your muscles trying. Instead, using props and elongating your spine can help support you with minimal effort.”

Practice Proper Sitting

The best way to practice good sitting posture is to keep your spine neutral by placing cushion underneath the coccyx and create space between the navel and breastbone by lifting your chest and crown of the head, says William.


Here’s what to be aware of:

  • Sit directly on the Sitz bones (see Ischium in the chart below). Don’t shift your weight back onto your sacrum.
  • Hips are aligned
  • Spaciousness between the navel and breastbone
  • Ears aligned with shoulders
  • Relaxed shoulders


2 Simple Techniques for Superb Posture

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  1. Place a rolled up towel underneath the sacrum.
    Roll up a small towel so that it’s about 1” tall. As you’re sitting, lean forward, then place the towel underneath the coccyx and sit directly on your Sitz bones. This will help keep your pelvis neutral and spine aligned.

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2. Elongate your spine.

Lift up your chest to create space between the navel and breastbone. Imagine a string pulling the top of your head towards the ceiling. This movement may look subtle, but can make a drastic difference in having good posture. Be careful not to overly exert that action and avoid backbending. “A long spine will allow space in between the vertebrae and keep the spine healthy,” says Will.

Will offers one more piece of advice: don’t try too hard. “It’s impossible to be 100% mindful of how you sit when you’re at a desk focused on work, or even reading a book for long hours. Practicing these techniques will help create better sitting habits with minimal effort.”