Massage Greenpoint Is 2 Years Old And We Are Sharing Some of Our Secrets To Success

We are so excited to announce that Massage Greenpoint is 2 years old - let's celebrate by telling you how we did it!

Rachel Beider, owner of Massage Greenpoint, Massage Williamsburg and soon to be open Massage Outpost Dumbois beyond resilient in her efforts for creating quality healing spaces. 

Focusing on aesthetic, mood, good vibes, professionalism and exceptional LMT's (check out our reviews), Rachel is working to build an empire... LITERALLY!


Our studio is woman-owned, a body positive business, employing a diverse, talented group of highly skilled individuals and working with stellar independent New York State licensed therapists, certified in prenatal massage.

We are so keen on highlighting Rachel's efforts because her core values lay the foundation for such successful studios across Brooklyn. 

And of course - what better way to celebrate our anniversary, then with a timely feature in FORBES: "Nine Tips For Hiring A COO Who Is The Best Fit For Your Business".

Rachel shares:

When looking for my COO, I made a detailed list of everything I wanted. Through this list, I got very clear on the dynamics and expectations for our relationship. I looked for someone who would honor the experience and passion of our team and be able to find the balance of leveraging their strengths, helping each team member become more successful than they could ever imagine while stepping into leadership. I wanted someone who had shared values around family, passion, equality and tolerance. They needed to be oriented toward growth and results: for themselves, for our team and for the company. Lastly, I wanted someone who was comfortable challenging me and telling me what they really think.
— Rachel Beider

Rachel is constantly sharing her small business entrepreneurship philosophy which has proven successful thus far. Everything is about yielding strong relationships and manifesting positive intention. Staying optimistic, fierce and 100% engaged, Rachel is ready to conquer all of Brooklyn (and maybe more).


Our family is so excited to continue to share our positive outlook and consistent passion with everyone who welcomes it! : )