A Mother's Day Note From Massage Greenpoint

We just wanted to share a very special Mother's Day message today. Sometimes as mothers, you're so focused on taking care of everyone else, that you forget to take care of yourself. So we just wanted to share a simply "Happy Mother's Day" message that will give mommy's a few wellness suggestions in the midst of being superwoman!  


H - Have a day off 

A - Acupuncture 

P - Play outside

P- Pause

Y - Yell 


M - Massage

O- Open a journal and write

T- Take a bath

H - Have a dessert

E - Eat a home cooked meal 

R - Run

S - Sing in the shower


D - Don't get on your phone

A - Admire nature 

Y - You know what, there aren't many great action words that start with the letter "Y" so just be YOURSELF! 


Rachel Beider